GIIP offers a colloquium of exclusively designed short courses in fields of Intellectual Property, Science of Innovation and Six Sigma. These easy to comprehend courses are meant for Managers, Leaders, Engineers, Professionals, Lawyers, Students & Consultants. The focus for these courses is both on the educational as well as skills development and enhancement.
  COURSE CALENDER (2010- 2011)  
  Workshop on BRINNOVATION™  
  In this knowledge era, innovation competency has become an evolving necessity at individual and corporate levels. Learn the Science of Innovation through Brinnovation™ methodology, a framework for helping individuals and organizations in maximizing utilization of intellectual resources to generate savings as well as develop new opportunities for revenue growth  
  Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification  
  The Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification is designed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the processes. Challenged by the financial crisis, corporations are re-looking at current processes for their effectiveness and efficiency. Praveen Gupta, being involved with Six Sigma right since its birth at Motorola, provides a practical, easy-to - understand framework to help improve most processes.  
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