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  Advance Seminar Series  
This series is intended to advance the participants’ overall knowledge of IP and patents & patent process by discussing some of the nuances that the more experienced Practitioners have had to deal with or will deal with in the future. These advanced seminars aim to provide hands-on experience and enhance the skills of IP professionals in areas of patents. The series includes case laws and exercises in specific domains.
  AS01 (3 days): PATENT/PRIOR ART SEARCH (hands-on experience)  
The world is flooded with information. The skill lies in searching for right information and analyzing it to suit business needs. Choosing the right words to search, planning correct search methodology, formulating correct search strategy, interpreting the search results and selecting right search report format can make all the difference!

If you are a researcher, exploring potential areas of future research, a scientist exploring state-of-art in a particular technology, a business analyst who wants to check what your competitors are up to, or an entrepreneur or business manager exploring possibilities for licensing or cross licensing technologies, and/or a Patent Searchers conducting Patent/Prior Art searches, this course will provide you in-depth understanding of the same and more.
Patent Office rips apart your patent application, again and again, till you get it or lose it! Should you file a continuation or continuation- in- part, which invention to choose in case you get restriction order, whether to abandon the application or not, go for re-examination or challenge patent claims of your competitor in the court, is it important to get the patent reissued when it is granted…these questions keep haunting the patent professionals. The court judgments that you need to know and understand, the court rulings that can affect your business ….you need to understand them all. The hassles and efforts at the level of patent prosecution or patent litigation can be reduced, if you know the strategies to deal with them!

The seminar will help you understand the patent prosecution strategies at the USPTO / India PTO and the impact of major US / India decisions on patents.

The seminar is available to participants who are familiar with the US patent process or have undertaken one of the above mentioned basic seminar series, A Comprehensive Guide to Patents (BSS02) OR US Patents and Patent Process (BSS03).

*Customized Series For Lawyers: 1 day Patent Prosecution and 2 days Patent Litigation
*Customized Series For Technical/Science/Researchers Participants: 2 days Patent Prosecution, 1 day litigation.
  AS03 (3 days): PCT PATENT PROCESS  
Patent is a territorial right, limited to the country which grants it. But it is not sufficient to protect invention in just one country; it needs to be protected around the globe! Gain in-depth knowledge about the International Patent Filing Process under the Patent Cooperation Treaty administered by WIPO, which allows you to file single application for multiple countries. Save your time and money! The seminar presupposes that the participants are familiar with the basics of patents and patent filing process (national phase of US & India).
  AS04 (5 days): PATENTS AND PATENT CLAIM DRAFTING (hands-on experience)  
Claims of a patent define the legal metes and bounds of a patent. Robust patent claims enable speeder prosecution of application at patent office, enhance the life of the patent, and help minimize unfavorable litigation outcomes. Many times, patent drafters miss the point of novelty because of some lacunae in the inventor’s interview. Learn the art of interviewing the inventor, the art of drafting claims that stands the tough terrain of patent office; learn the strategies to differently claim the same invention. If you are interested in getting hands-on experience in drafting claims and specifications, this seminar is designed to help meet your needs.
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