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  Mentors Speak  
Dr. Kailash Joshi (Ph.D. Cornell), Chairman & Mentor
University of Washington’s CASRIP is among the most prominent education and research centers for IP. With this association, GIIP we will be able to provide the most current level of global IP education in India.
Prof Mrs. Toshiko Takenaka, Director, CASRIP and head of the LLM IP program at University of Washington
We have found the programs of GIIP to be very timely and innovative for the training of professionals to address the increasing activities in patents and IP that is accompanying India’s impressive economic growth. The cooperative program will allow our faculty to participate in joint seminars and research projects, as well as the training programs of GIIP.
Mr. Dominic Keating First Secretary for Intellectual Property, Embassy of the United States of America
The growing cooperation between USA and India in areas of trade, services and research and development (R&D) provides significant career and business opportunities to technical and legal professionals in the field of IP. This affiliation with University of Washington will allow GIIP to enhance their training programs in both the US and Indian IP laws and processes.
Professor Dr. Heinz Goddar, University of Bremen, GIIP Senior Adviser and Director
For global success, Indian companies are increasing their investment in research and development. For effective commercial exploitation of these investments, sharp skills in IP are required and GIIP is addressing this important and growing need. Knowledge from institutions such as UW CASRIP is indeed valuable.
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