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  FAQ's - Miscellaneous Questions  
Address/Name Change
I changed my residence address, how do I notify GIIP of the same?

Whenever a GIIP student changes contact address, it needs to be informed to GIIP, the student can send a mail to GIIP centre coordinator providing relevant and complete information regarding address change.

Exam Absenteeism
What do I do if I cannot appear for the final examination?

If the leave has been anticipated prior to the exam then this needs to be informed to GIIP well in advance and the student needs to fill in the exam absenteeism form. and shall have to fill the re-exam form with the prescribed fee for re-examination.

Indian Patent Agent exam / U.S. Patent Agent Exam
What do I need to do to take up the U.S. patent/ Indian patent agent exam?

All the required information for U.S. Patent agent exam and Indian Patent agent exam can be obtained from U.S. Patent office at and Indian Patent office site at or

Good Standing/Degree/Enrollment Certification
How can I get a written verification that I am enrolled or have graduated from GIIP? If enrolled, how can I get a letter stating my good academic standing?

Send in a request with the centre coordinator and fill in the required form for letter of recommendation /good standing.

Leave of absence
What do I need to do in case I need a leave due to ailment or an unavoidable situation?

In case of a sickness /ailment send in a mail to the centre coordinator and the faculty prior to the session.

I need a copy of my transcripts .How do I go about it?

Transcripts are provided after successful completion of the program. To obtain an additional copy mail your request to the centre coordinator.
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