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GIIP's program focuses on providing a platform in patents and related services, making it a potential career opportunity. The curriculum comprises up-to-date education in US, European and Indian patent & IP laws and practices and has been designed by IP Attorneys, Patent Examiners & Agents, Academicians and Practitioners with rich consulting & research experience.
GIIP programs focus on providing practical hands-on training and include recent case studies, examples and related case laws. On completion of the program, participants can seek attractive IP-related jobs in IP departments of Indian corporations, MNCs, Government and R&D institutions, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) companies, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) companies and law firms.
  GIIP's Affiliations:  
  Silicon Valley Seminars Inc. (, USA
University of Washington, CASRIP (, USA
William Mitchell College of Law (, USA
IIT Delhi
Recognized and practicing IP Attorneys, Practitioners and Experts from US, Europe and India
Following GIIP Programs are available:
  Post Graduate Programs  
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management - For science, engineering, technical graduates, post graduates and law & management graduates with technical qualifications (9 months, full time)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law and Practice - For technical, legal and management graduates, post graduates (3 months, full time)

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  Executive Program  
  • Executive Post Graduate Program in Patent Protection, Enforcement and Management - For science, engineering, technical graduates , post graduates with minimum 1 year work experience (8 weeks, full time)

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  Off-Campus Learning (OCL) Program  
  • IP Nucleus - It provides comprehensive knowledge about different forms of Intellectual Property (IP), related protection systems & their significance, infringement issues and strategies for commercialization and management. The program offers flexible, user-defined delivery mode and is tailored to meet the needs of a wide category of users, ranging from scholars to researchers to technical professionals. The program allows for learning at any time, any place and GIIP’s Online Learning System (GOLS) facilitates constant interaction with the trainers and mentors. A user can undertake a complete capsule or individual modules to meet his/her specific needs. The following capsules are available under the IP Nucleus program

  • IP Nucleus Basic (IPNB)

  • IP Nucleus Advanced (IPNA)

  • IP Nucleus Expert (IPNE)

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  Short Term Professional Programs  
If you are a professional looking at sharpening your existing skills or develop a new skill set in the field of IP and Patents, you can opt for our short term courses. These courses span from basic, advance to expert levels.

While the basic courses are meant for professionals looking for insights into the fascinating and appealing world of creativity and innovation, the advanced and expert level courses are meant for professionals working in the IP and Patent domain and are looking for professional skill enhancement to climb up the corporate ladder, take on additional responsibilities or venture into new areas.

The basic modules focus on different forms of Intellectual Properties, such as Copyrights, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Plant Varieties, and Trade Secrets etc. These courses introduces each topic, explores similarities and differences in different forms of IP protection, related statutes, examples and case laws governing them, and remedies in case of infringement.

The more advanced level topics include US Patent Statutes and Filling Procedure, Patent Licensing, IP and Patent Valuation, Patent Litigation.

Expert level modules include Patent Prosecution and Claims Drafting

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Corporate Seminar Series
GIIP has designed programs for Executives, Business / Marketing Managers working in different capacities within an Organization, IP Professionals & Agents, Researchers, Academicians, Domain Experts, Professionals, and Students with science, technical, engineering and legal background. The seminar series is unique as it provides practical insights into the Global IP and Patent Process and its applicability to specific industry.

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