GIIP offers a colloquium of exclusively designed short courses in fields of Intellectual Property covering IP protection, enforcement and commercialization. These easy to comprehend courses are meant for Managers, Leaders, Engineers, Professionals, Lawyers, Students & Consultants. The focus for these courses is both on the educational as well as skills development and enhancement.
  Indian Patent Agent Exam Preparation Course  
  The Indian Patent Agent Exam Preparation Course is 5 days (full time) program and is tailored for clearing the patent agent examination by aspiring IPR professionals. The program is meant for participants, who want to appear for the Indian Patent Agent Exam and aim to become a Registered Patent Agent with Indian PTO.  
  Certificate Course on Mechanics of Patent Claims & Specification Drafting  
  The objective is to train the participants in the art and skill of patent claim drafting. The 'Gems of Wisdom' and 'Absolute Rules' in claim drafting are often required by the amateurs as well as professionals will be shared and practiced as part of the 'hands-on' training and practical sessions.  
  Certificate Course on Patent Search and Analytics Techniques  
  The course covers patent searching & analysis techniques using different Databases, statistical tools, data mining and data visualization techniques; used for patent landscaping that helps in identifying competitive and technology trends. The training will also focus on the significance and use of Patent Landscape Analysis, for identifying ‘white spaces’ in related technologies.  
  Advanced Patent Search Course  
  The emphasis of the course is on providing practical exposure in advanced patent search techniques. The sessions include hands-on exercises to be critiqued and reviewed by the trainers. Major topics to be covered, include, State-of-the-art reviews, Domain-specific searching resources, Opposition / validity searching; talk + exercise, Searching in additional languages, Freedom-to-operate; talk + exercise, Assessing database quality, Search strategies using complementary tools & Complementary sources”  
  GIIP Off-Campus Learning (OCL) capsules  
  The OCL program is meant for those who wish to gain skills in IP and opt for a potential career in this field. It is also for those who want to get an edge over their peers, while looking for a more lucrative career or better growth in their own respective field. The OCL program empowers you to learn at your convenience, from the location of your choice. Making this a reality is GIIP’s Online Learning System (GOLS), which facilitates constant interaction with trainers and mentors.

The industry-endorsed capsules for students, working professionals, R&D professionals, research scientists and enterprises are:

  • IP Nucleus Basic (IPNB)
  • IP Nucleus Advanced (IPNA)
  • IP Nucleus Expert (IPNE)
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