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  FAQ's - GIIP Life  
How do I get an email account?

The email account will be given to GIIP students along with the enrollment number.
What is a typical GIIP program class like?

A typical program class would be a mix of Graduates/Post-graduates/PhDs in the field of
  • Science

  • Engineering

  • Bio-technology

  • Pharma

  • IT & High tech
Other technical fields, Domain Experts, Research Scholars and Legal Professionals (LL.B. & LL.M.) with technical background.
Is the part time course same as the full time program?

The full time course is for six months and the part time course is for 9 months and is for working professionals with work experience in their area of technical expertise.
Do we have tutorials?

Yes, during GIIP – CASRIP sessions post lunch tutorials /group discussions will be onducted.
Do we have practical hands on sessions along with the theory sessions?

Yes, GIIP –CASRIP program has been so devised that Post lunch, there will be break room sessions, which will be conducted under the guidance of Technical Trainer.

One of the following three types of activities may be performed by the student, each day:
  • Case Studies

  • Group Discussions

  • Research and Presentations

  • Assignments – To be done in classroom/break room
How often can we meet the faculty?

Every centre has local trainers and the resident mentors shall be visiting the centres after the completion of the subject.
Can we raise queries in the middle of the sessions?

GIIP CASRIP program lecture sessions will be conducted such that the International mentors/ Resident mentors/ Visiting faculty will take lectures in an interactive mode. This will be followed by question & answer sessions.
How can we pose course related queries to the faculty outside the sessions?

GIIP students can mail their questions to the faculty members. Please login to MyGIIP for further details
After I have enrolled how do I get my enrollment number?

Enrollment number will be a part of the induction kit.
Is attendance a mandatory criterion for the award of course Certificate?

Yes, certainly a minimum of 70 percent attendance is mandatory to qualify for GIIP – CASRIP certification.
What does the Counsellor do?

The primary responsibility of students counsellor is to Assist in placements of candidates by arranging campus interviews.
What is the exam assessment process in GIIP?

Please refer to the Exam Assessment sections of the Students Handbook or login to MYGIIP for more information
When are exams conducted and what is the marking scheme for examinations?

For the 6 months full time GIIP–CASRIP program examination are conducted after each trimester. Please refer to Exam guide section of the Student Handbook or login to MyGIIP for more information.
How do I make up for classes that I could not attend?

If a GIIP student could not attend the scheduled session then following needs to be done.

After having send the request to the centre coordinator a recorded session at the centre under the guidance of the technical trainer will be arranged.
When does the placement process commence?

After the completion of 20 weeks of the 6-month program.
I am a student of GIIP how do I access digital/Paper library?

For accessing the paper library student shall contact the centre coordinator. For accessing the digital library login to MyGIIP area.
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