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Shubham Nayyar, B.Tech Electronics and Communication, PG Diploma 2015
Patent Analyst at IP Pro, Bangalore

Dear Sir,

After completing my and having a offer in my hand, I was one day thinking about my future when I suddenly realised that most of the crowd of India is either doing, MBA or going for a normal IT job. what should I do which is more interesting and challenging and also gives me a good and a "different" career path for my life? Next day first thing I goggled was different career options in India and I found this field of "intellectual property". After exploring for about half a day, this field looked impressive to me and I decided to try it. Next I looked for all the institutes giving this course. Top name that appeared everywhere was GIIP. GIIP is the only institute in India that teaches US, EP and Indian patent law. So I called GIIP and I had a good fortune of talking to Sameer sir who has always helped the students to choose right career path and I would say helping me now also whenever I need him. He explained me everything about IPR and patents, finally I decided to join the PG Diploma course. . Believe me 6 months during the classroom training were awesome. You have so much new to learn. Even in your B.Tech you will not study or learn so much as you will learn during this course. The mentors who use to come from the industry were all amazing. All the people that came were all known and reputed faces of the industry. They were all experts in their field and use to teach us with lot of patience. They all guided us properly about the subject knowledge and future career options in this field.

I am currently working in one of the reputed IP firm in Bangalore as a Patent analyst and I must say GIIP placement team provided me a good platform and company to work with.

My zeal to do something different in life brought me to GIIP and GIIP has really helped me fulfill my zeal. For future candidates I would just say that if you are really planning to enter into this field please do not choose any other institute but GIIP. they are experts in this field and the expert can understand your dream and help you realise it.

Thanks and regards,
Shubham Nayyar.
Bhavana Chowdary, B-Pharma PG Diploma 2015
Patent Research Analyst at T T Consultants, Chandigarh

Dear Sir,

I am really thankful to everyone from GIIP. The teachers are always kind and professional. I really appreciate Mr. Sameer for his initiative to join me in this course. The course structure is comprehensive with many modules in Intellectual property being offered, giving students to specialize in various aspects of Intellectual property.

Special thanks to Mr. Aatish for helping me get the right opportunity to learn and project myself in the professional world.

Thanks and regards,
Bhavana Chowdary.
Jyoti Solanki, M. Sc (Biochem) PG Diploma 2015
Patent Analyst at Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, New Delhi

Dear Sir,

My experience at GIIP has been very enriching. It helped me in gaining knowledge in every aspect of Intellectual property. The course was very well structured and the content was also very good. I would like to thank all the faculty members, both visiting and resident, especially Mrs. Ritika Ahuja who gave us immense knowledge of the field of patents.

Thanks and regards,
Jyoti Solanki.
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