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Punam Kadam, M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), PG Diploma 2014
Patent Analyst at Inttl Advocare, Delhi

I finally got a job. I will be working as Patent Associate at Inttl Advocare under Dr. Vishal Tripathi from Monday.

Thanks a lot for your help, care, love and encouragement. I hope to do well in this field. Here's wishing a great time for all the new students at GIIP.

Kanika Arora, M.Sc (Chemistry), PG Diploma 2014
Patent Associate at Lex Orbis, Delhi

My experience at GIIP has been indeed enriching. The course is excellently designed with various modules covering all the crucial aspects of patents. The regular hands on exercises and assignments which come along with deadlines have greatly enhanced my time management skills. The most interesting part of this course is that you get to interact with various experienced people working in the field of IPR. I want to thank Ms. Ritika for her guidance and support.

A special thanks to Mr. Aatish Arora for being very supportive and encouraging throughout the placements.

Dhananjay Kumar S. Das, B.Tech (Computer Science), PG Diploma 2014

I have great experience of learning and understanding almost every aspect of Intellectual property especially patents. Trainers (internal as well as external) provided me with excellent knowledge about IP. Also management persons and placement officer assist me at each and every point towards defining the path and goal.

I was more impressed from the culture and relation between students and staff within the institute. Assistance regarding learning, placement and development of students was really good there.

I am grateful to be student of GIIP.

I wish GIIP great success towards educating people IP and creating dynamic alumni in future.
Piyush Kaushish, B.Tech (Mechanical Engineer), PG Diploma 2014 (Winter Batch)

Dear Sir,

With due regards to you, I would like to share my experience at G.I.I.P, Delhi. Sir, the last 6 months have been quite enlightening as well as enthralling. The course content provided is very good, the faculties (visiting and permanent) are very good too.

I thank you for providing opportunity to work with Chadha & Chadha as intern and hope your esteemed institute keeps growing.
Vineed Nair, B.Tech (E & C), PG Diploma July 2013

I would like to thank for providing me with an opportunity to work with India’s best law firm in Intellectual Property. The team of is the best recruitment I have ever seen in my career. I wish them all the success.

Vineed Nair
Remfry & Sagar
Maitreya Bhatt, (M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), PG Diploma 2011-2012 batch topper and scholarship holder)

GIIP as the name suggests it is truly dedicated to what it stands for - Global Institute of Intellectual Property. GIIP has been providing and has provided me world class knowledge about Intellectual Property. The faculties and mentors give a global level and uniform knowledge of IPRs and especially they made me aware about what IP exactly means. I joined GIIP with a lot of expectations and trust me they all were fulfilled completely.

There are a lot of people providing knowledge about Intellectual Property and even many courses related to the same but luckily I found GIIP that provides full time course and mark my words they are the best in business. That is because of Quality Education through World class faculties and mentors. I have learnt a lot about patents and have given almost 10-15 interviews for job but I have always been asked a question from the interviewer that where did you learn about IPRs from and more specifically patents. I can proudly say GIIP.

GIIP has made a mark globally through the work they have done in past few years. They have taught me right from the basics and till the top tier of IP which I bet no other institute does. The course structure is more refined and once realizes the importance of it once you he comes out in the market. I have seen many people in the market, holding a degree in the field of IP but I there is always one thing commonly missing in them - Which is the basic fundamental knowledge about IP. You may read thousands of books on IP but no one can teach you to live and love IP. GIIP makes you do that. I have started living IP and love patents, Trade Marks and every form of IP because am a GIIPian. I passed out about 3 months ago from GIIP and have already started missing the atmosphere of GIIP. Come, and see for yourself how it feels to live IP, love IP. Come, be a GIIPian like me.
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