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  Student Testimonials  
Vishal Singh, B.Tech (Mechanical), PG Diploma June 2009

I would like to compliment Intellectualz on the excellent IP placement cell that they have put up on. Mr. Aatish Arora has provided me his support and excellent coordination during my recruitment process for which I am thankful to him. I would like to recommend Intellectualz and GIIP for IP professionals for enhancing their IP skills and finding better opportunities in the IP field”

Vishal Singh Remfry and Sagar
Ashish Jogi, (MBA (Mktg. & HR) and B. Pharma)

One of the questions that I am asked often when I introduce myself is, why and how did I choose a career in Intellectual Property (IP). Perhaps the origins of my interest in IP lie in my interests in new inventions. While at college, I noticed that while my skills in my subject of specialization (Pharmacy) were about average in class, my other skills such as written and oral communication, debating, making presentations, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills etc were substantially better than average. Also, I found that IP is a highly respected and economically viable profession, as compared to engineering and science, pharmacy or sales. All this made me think seriously about a career in IP.

I thought that Intellectual Property was the only one in which a degree in science or technology would be a major advantage, and not just an additional paper qualification. Typical choices that were available to me on graduation included further studies in the same subject (M.Pharma.), a job through campus placements (usually in manufacturing), and further studies in management (by appearing for entrance exams). I chose to opt for management. Based on a recommendation from my guide who I worked with on my Master’s thesis (Post 2005 Marketing Strategies for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry), I underwent a training program in basics of IPR. From there I developed interest in IP and decided to pursue a career in IP. And for starting my career in IP I needed a professional training in the domain of IP. So I joined GIIP.

There are some fields that require analytical skills, not much specialized knowledge, and minimal training (e.g., software and KPO). Fresh graduates from reputed institutions can easily find high paying jobs in such fields and continue to grow further (just based on their analytical skills or on newly acquired management skills) without investing in acquiring specialized knowledge, however IP is not one of those fields. Without specialized knowledge, one can get a job (even a high paying one) related to IP, but not sustain a career, as the lack of specialized knowledge leads to stagnation in the (initially) high-paying job.

The PG Diploma in International Patents and Intellectual Property Services offered me various skills.

Some of the requirements to build a sustainable career in IP (particularly patents) include:
The ability to grasp new technologies and applications quickly
Excellent written communication skills
Ability to understand laws, read bare acts and rules and apply them in practical situations
Interpretation of techno-legal documents
Thinking and reasoning like a lawyer (which is different from thinking like a scientist or engineer)
Analytical skills (particularly in patent analytics)
Reading comprehension (including ability to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant)
Attention to detail
Training by an experienced IP professional
Practical experience to realize and internalize the training
Among these requirements, the ones that can make the maximum amount of difference to an IP career are 9 & 10, namely training by an experienced IP professional (Internship) and practical experience to realize and internalize the training(Final Placement). GIIP helped me to further enhance 1 to 8. Also GIIP helped me in 9. I am confident that GIIP will help me in 10 as well. The difficult part is getting that one year experience in that first job with a reputed firm without any relevant job experience.

Thus GIIP helped me a lot in kick starting my career in IP.
Sandeep Bhola, (MCA), with work experience of 2 years as IT Engineer at CMC Ltd.

First thing that I liked is the training methodology adopted by the mentors which complements the real –life scenarios. Rather than cramming the theory stress was always laid on learning the fundamentals and then applying that knowledge to solve the assignments.

I was particularly impressed with the course material provided to us, which again focuses on the problem solving approach. The books don’t scare you and are very tempting because of their simple and practical approach to the subject.

Needles to say that course content is comprehensive and you get a broader view of the subject matter.

However, what I liked the most is the “case-study” approach used during the class room training. This is where the GIIP’s program stands out. Once finished with the theory we were always made to solve relevant assignments and case studies right there in the class room. There was probably not a single day when we didn’t solve an assignment or didn’t have a go at a case study. Learning by doing has been the hall mark of this program. This personally instilled a lot of confidence into me.
Class room trainings were always interactive; it was never a one way session. Due to this I was able to solve most of doubts in the class room itself. Credit for this goes to mentors too as they never got irritated with our repeated queries
A separate module on soft skills (and on computers) in the 1st trimester was also helpful. I would strongly recommend that to be continued in next session as well
The physical environment is also very conducive to learning. We had full access to all the resources like web, library books etc
  So I would recommend this program to anyone who is sincere, has a technical bent of mind and is willing to make a long term career in the exciting and fresh field of Intellectual property
Swagata Purkayashtha, (Ph. D in chemistry/ biochemistry, MS in organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry,)

In the near future, as and when India becomes a Research and Development hub, more of intellectual property issues will come up. There is very little awareness regarding intellectual property rights. As of yet, majority of individual scientists and most R and D Institutes have very little infrastructure in place to deal with issues pertaining to the protection and/or validation of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, India also has a very rich and diverse resource in terms of traditional medicines, herbs and other practices which need to be protected in the form of Biodiversity and other patents.

As a scientist I was always aware of this and knew that we need to proactively pursue patent application for indigenous innovations in scientific research and technology.

Personally, I felt a course in intellectual property rights would give me a brief exposure to the various facets of intellectual property and patent laws and would put me in a unique position to fully understand the dual aspects(scientific and legal) of these issues.

The course curriculum at GIIP had been well structured to take care of this.
Aditi Nambiar, (B.Sc.-Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics)

The role of intellectual property rights in Today’s Scenario cannot be ignored; it has changed the meaning of Business and development drastically. It has no doubt become the most valued possession and cannot be replaced by any other asset.

Being a graduate in Biotechnology, I am aware of the role of intellectual property rights in this field, it has become one of the biggest IP sectors.

After a detailed research of the various institutes that impart knowledge about intellectual property rights. I found that the Global Institute of Intellectual Property seemed to be the most promising and it turned out to be so. They have equipped me with all the necessary skills that would be required of me in the industry.

The faculty of this institute is highly dedicated towards grooming and sharpening our skills. The study material provided during the course was of great help in understanding the concepts. Ample number of workbooks and assignments were provided in order to better our skills. The faculty has been very dedicated and made sure that each one of us has absorbed what was delivered before going ahead.

They have provided us with the best of the facilities, be it infrastructure or tuitions. They have managed to bring one of the most prominent people in this field to address us and given us an opportunity to interact with them and solve our queries.

The mentoring sessions that were conducted towards the end of this program was of a great help. It gave us a summary of and revision of the entire course in brief and also gave us the opportunity to get the feedback of our work from some of the leading people in the US. It has indeed been a wonderful learning experience in GIIP and I am sure that the skills that I have gained during this course will go a long way.
Sameer Nijhawan, (B.Sc ,having a work experience of 9 years in the Pharma/Fashion industry)

As, in today’s scenario In India and globally knowledge based economy is driven everywhere. In near future it has significant growth. By, Intellectual Property Rights one can make sure to protect it. As, India is hub for research & development as it has various resources & best mind to exploit these resources.

So, for this and for the future we have the thorough knowledge of how to protect our intelligence worldwide. By going through this course one can get the full understanding of the usefulness of this course.

This course is designed in a very good manner so, that a student can easily understand from beginning. The faculty is well trained to teach in their respective subject. The course material given to the students is of very helpful to get the detailed knowledge, and the case study given to the students are very beneficial to understand the subject and the library having excellent books relating IP.

The class room training by mentors and visiting faculty were quite helpful & they were always to help & to solve our queries. We had the full access to all the facilities like web, library books etc.

Personally, I feel by going through a course in intellectual property rights will help me to boost my career in the new and expanding field of intellectual property and patent laws. This will enhance my opportunities to grab a good job in the market.
Mahendra Vikarm Singh, (BE (Computer Science), LL.B)

In today’s fast moving world where technology is moving ahead and law is lagging behind, why I choose to do this course because I could understand the right significance of intellectual property. with so much of technological advancements the fight is going to be of mind and technology not of manpower, after doing this course I think that I’m well equipped with the best of technology and law and in this way I could justify my educational qualification. GIIP has given me the best training in this field that could have been imparted to any person in India and provided me a suitable platform.

The international mentors and the training that has been provided to us are just immaculate and impeccable. GIIP has groomed and polished my skills and education and taken out the best of me and made me realize the real strength of mine and gave my carrier a right direction.

At the end I would like to thanks every one who is associated with GIIP, My mentors, Management and the members on the board which has made the environment so processional and friendly. I wish the GIIP a very grand success and seek their blessing in my carrier throughout my life.
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