Series of Webinars in IP Excellence (SWIPE)

Launching SWIPEUpcoming Webinar

After discussions with various stakeholders in the Indian IP ecosystem and identifying the challenges faced by all, GIIP is delighted to launch SWIPE – a Series of Webinars in IP Excellence.

SWIPE as the name suggests will be a series of webinars focusing on topics of interest to patent professionals in India. While there are other seminars, webinars or conferences that focus on IP topics, those topics are generally very broad and relates more to IP as a subject. Through SWIPE, we would like to focus more on IP professionals and their issues. We would cover topics that would relate to IP professionals in the current Indian IP scenario. These topics may relate to recruitment practices, patent agent practices, career paths, IP entrepreneurship, Patent Office matters, and many more.

The sessions will be in the form of a panel discussion where the host will talk to a panel of 2-3 experienced professionals related to the topic.

We intend to do this in seasons, so that we can gauze the response to these webinars and incorporate the feedback in the plan for the next season. Season 1 will have 9 webinars and will follow the terminology S1:W1 to S1:W9

We are very eager to know your comments and feedback (write to us at Also, indicate topics of interest that you would want to be included.
Upcoming Webinar
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