Series of Webinars in IP Excellence (SWIPE)


Topic : Assessing candidates for patent related jobs
Date : 31st May 2017
Time : 7:30 to 8:30 PM IST
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Host : Mr. Surendra Vyas, Experienced IP Professional
Panel Members* : *To be announced shortly
While the number of patent related jobs in India are on a rise, hiring processes for these profiles are still evolving. Unlike other industries such as software, hardware or finance, there are still no clearly defined skills or competencies for patent professionals. Even the defined competencies such as drafting or searching may be difficult to assess in an interview. Softer skills such as communications, aptitude or problem solving may be assessed using traditional means but testing for the same in an IP context may still be a challenge.

In such a scenario, what do hiring managers look for in a candidate and how do they assess the competencies? This is a question we would like to address in the opening webinar of the SWIPE series. A freewheeling discussion of the host with the panel members would help both potential candidates and hiring managers for such positions to be better prepared for these jobs.

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